Best Hiking Boots For Ankle Support

Whether you’re gearing up for a day hike or a full-on backpacking trip, the right hiking boots will make all the difference. Hiking boots offer ankle support, cushioning, and grip to help keep you safe and comfortable as you move through the wilderness.

A good pair of Best Hiking Boots For Ankle Support boots will have a solid upper and outsole with traction, Vibram soles, and good cushioning around the feet and ankles. A well-constructed boot will also have a good lacing system that holds the shoe in place as you hike, and they should be waterproof.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Hiking Boots for Ankle Support: Our Top Picks and Buying Tips

When choosing a hiking boot, you need to take into account your foot shape and size. The fit of the boot should be tight, but not too snug or it will risk getting blisters or rubbing spots. The width of the shoe should be wide enough for your feet to wiggle in and out naturally, but not so wide that they feel uncomfortable.

The height of the boot should be high enough to provide good ankle support, but not so high that it can get in the way while you’re walking. This will allow your feet to bend easily and prevent any pain or muscle soreness from a long, strenuous hike.

Top pick: The Free Hiker by Altra combines a knit upper with a heel brake and an ankle cuff that’s high enough to help prevent rolling the ankles, which can be common on long hikes. It’s also one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes we’ve ever tested, thanks to a zero-drop last and a flexible upper that fits just right.