Observing the mantis’ camouflaged body and raising its arms as if it is a huge insect is a lesson in patience. We know that animals expect prey to run and hide when threatened, but the prickly appearance of a praying mantis will cause predators to reconsider their plans for dinner. The symbolism of praying mantis focuses on personal power and balance, as well as awareness, patience, and mindfulness.

Improve Your The Symbolism Of Praying Mantis Skills

symbolism of praying mantis

The stance of the praying mantis suggests calm and concentration. The insect does not flinch when threatening, but instead raises its wings and arms. The mantis’ posture, which looks intimidating, helps discourage potential predators. The insect’s presence is also a warning for people to be vigilant. Similarly, the mantis is a powerful ally when facing an adversary. Its ferocious instincts and sense of direction are a reminder to not fear anything.

The presence of a praying mantis in your home or office can strengthen your spiritual connection, enabling you to get closer to your destiny and to find the answers you seek. Its presence will help you be more enlightened and clairvoyant. This spirit animal will appear in your dreams when you need to contemplate your actions. You must be calm and focused in order to be able to make the best decisions for your life.