Residential Solar Business – Save Money With Shared Leads

Many residential solar contractors offer one of the best shared leads caps available in the residential solar industry. By using the “shared” solar leads pricing model, solar contractors do not pay any up front for shared leads. As a result, solar customers always pay nothing for solar leads that they get. The bottom line is that solar contractors are able to use a shared leads pricing model because they have many clients and can pass the savings along to you!

Residential Solar Business

Solar Leads Pricing is an easy way to save money with a residential solar contractor. Solar Leads pricing includes the cost of acquiring new leads, including the cost of maintaining the new leads and the cost of developing them. Customers only pay for solar leads that they receive through a direct contact with a customer. The only real expense involved with solar leads pricing is that your business must maintain a database of leads and a process of developing and maintaining new ones. This is a simple, non-intrusive process that takes just a few minutes of your time each month.

Solar Leads Pricing is an important part of your residential solar business. It is crucial to the success of your solar company that you do not waste money on solar leads. By using the “shared” model, solar contractors never have to pay anything for shared leads.

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