Sleeping Position Tips: Turn Your Pillow Into a Sleep Mask For More Comfort

It is very common for most people to leave their sleeping pillow much longer than is necessary. Most people become used to their pillows, although they get firmer and flatter with age. Most pillow manufacturers suggest that a person should discard a sleeping pillow within five years, because they tend to lose their shape and lose their comfort. However, pillow manufacturers do not always understand that the shape of a pillow can actually be harmful to your health in some cases. In fact, many studies have been conducted on the subject, and the results show that there is no significant danger from keeping your pillow in good condition for too long. Check out –

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Sleeping Position Tips: Turn Your Pillow Into a Sleep Mask For More Comfort

The reason that many studies show that pillows and mattresses stay in good shape for too long is because of the way that people use them. Most people sleep in sleeping positions that do not help them get a good night’s rest. People tend to turn their stomach sleepers into sofa pillows instead of into sleeping pillows. People need to learn how to turn their stomach sleepers into sleeping pillows that will help them get a better night’s rest.

Most standard-size pillowcases are designed to fit a standard-size person’s head. If you find that a pillow is too large for your head, you can turn it inside out or buy a pillow that is smaller. You can also take your pillow to a seamstress to have it sewn-in at the corner of your pillowcase so that it will fit better. Seamstresses are able to take molds for pillows and make them look like real expensive furniture pieces.

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