Social Entreprenuers in Canada

Canadian social entrepreneurs are challenging the status quo by developing innovative business ideas. Despite the tough economic climate, many people in Canada are looking for ways to make a difference in their communities and the world. These new enterprises can benefit the nation in many ways. The country’s infrastructure and thriving entrepreneurial community can help Canadian entrepreneurs succeed. The definition of social entrepreneurship is defined by the Canadian Society for Social Enterprise Fund (CSEF). Click here – Marc Kielburger

Little Known Ways To Social Entreprenuers

social entreprenuers in canada

The traditional relationship between business and charity has always been complicated. Businesses make a profit while charities address social problems. Consumers buy from businesses and donate to charities. Today, socially conscious entrepreneurs have combined these two important concepts into a single entity that helps solve community problems. These companies allow people to contribute to the world with their dollars. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved. The government should provide a policy framework that supports social enterprises.

The WE program will target youth aged 25-35. By equipping young Canadians with necessary skills and resources, WE will develop innovative social enterprises. Through this program, young Canadians will be able to scale their organizations and graduate as investor-ready ventures. These initiatives will eventually transform social entrepreneurs into industry leaders. The WE program will help create a better world for Canadians. With its goal of advancing the field of social entrepreneurship, it is time to make Canada’s government policy a reality.

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