Some Interesting Facts About Thai Food

Thai food is arguably the most popular cuisine in Thailand. The cooking technique for the dishes is simple yet effective and is characterized by several techniques including stir frying, roasting, baking, broiling, steaming and grilling. In addition to this, Thai food is famous for its use of vegetables which are usually grilled. The rice used in the meals is of different varieties and they are usually served with the main dish. There is a variety of fish that are also used in the meals and they are usually cooked in tropical fish sauce. This makes them very popular and are often preferred by foreigners and Thai nationals living abroad.

Although some may disagree with this view, it is true that there is considerable variation in the quality of food of Thailand. Most of the food in Thailand is cooked using salt in a high percentage, which results in salty taste, which is what many of us love to eat. Also, some foods are cooked using a lot of oil, which in turn causes their taste to become very oily and so the popularity of these kinds of foods are low compared to other forms of food. However, one of the best ways of enjoying the food of Thailand is to have it cooked in your own home. It is usually a little more expensive than the others but is worth every penny.

One of the most famous dishes of Thailand is the Pad Thai, which is served cold. There are two methods used in preparing this dish. The first one is called “dry frying” while the second one is called “wok frying”. These are the two techniques that you can learn from if you want to prepare this dish on your own. If you do not wish to go to a restaurant for your meal then there are many websites that are offering free cooking tips, recipes and guides online. They provide step by step instructions on how to prepare Pad Thai in your own home. You may also be able to get some additional recipes and other information from the website.

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