Things You Should Know About Recruitment in France

Recruitment in France

If you’re planning to start a business in France, here are a few things you should know about recruitment. Agence d interim btp and French employment law is not as complicated as that in the US, so you shouldn’t have any problems setting up a recruitment company there. In addition, the company structure is much easier to manage than in the US. Moreover, limited liability companies don’t have any minimum share capital requirements, so you’re free to open as many as you want.

Here Are A Few Things You Should Know About Recruitment

When hiring new employees in France, you’ll need to register with the general social security and unemployment insurance systems and the occupational health service. Additionally, you’ll need to complete an annual workforce declaration. If you’re a new employer in France, you’ll also need to register with the French social security system (URSSAF). For foreign employers, you’ll also have to contact the CPAM in the region where you’re based. You can also complete a guide for foreign employers on the URSSAF website.

If you’re looking to hire a foreign worker, make sure that the employer doesn’t ask about their country of origin or any other sensitive information. However, some exceptions include security guards, bank employees, and jobs that require working with children. In addition, it’s illegal to discriminate against foreign workers based on their place of residence. While asking about home address is a valid question, you may be better off asking about whether a candidate speaks a native language.

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